Well, I have to admit my lazyness and feel (just a bit) ashamed about it.

Thanks to Moo for forcing me to make a formal presentation in order to de-lurk and regain regular priviledges...

So, I'm someone that is around in the community since ages (probably more than 15 years) but only registered to ADISC this year. I'm here for the good stories that someone cares to publish for the general amusemet, in particolar for stories that, in addition the diaper content, have elements of contol (mind and/or body) and bondage. In general, I like anything that can be defined "well written".
Other interests of mine... I like anything can be done outdoor (hiking, climbing, riding my motorcycle, photography, skying sailing...) but also have no problem in spending my time watching movies or reading books on any possible topic.
I'm not a very sociable person and I tend to refrain from forcing my presence and my ideas onto others, but if I find a discussion about a topic that matters me and challanges me to reconsider my point of view, I usually get involved easily.

Well, that's enough for now...