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Thread: I'm becoming a Real Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Fan

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    Default I'm becoming a Real Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Fan

    I started playing on XBox Live in January with MW2, and quite frankly I sucked. I didn't expect to be the best player at it but, I also didn't expect it to be quite as bad as I am (I consistently finish dead last, and the highest I ever finished was 5th with a max kill streak of 5 ever). I mean it's a gorgeous game and the perks and upgrades make it very compelling. But, I found that players never cooperate because they care too much about their own kill statistics and death streaks to actually care about helping other players by covering each others back. There is almost no planning out of a strategy to fight on a board, just run off to your favorite hidey hole and plug away.

    So, last month I decided to give BC2 a try. After a couple of hours of play, it seemed I'd be doomed to living in the suck bin of all online games. I couldn't get a good score for all I was worth. "Defining online warfare?" My ass. So I went back to playing MW2 for awhile because I thought it had better graphics at least. I figured I could trade BC2 back for a decent trade in value.

    Fortunately I decided to watch a video about play tips for BC2 (while waiting for the MW2 Stimulus Package to download, ironically) before I gave up on it totally. What I sawed opened my eyes. I had gotten in the habit of playing BC2 like MW2; which is a total mistake!

    BC2 specifically rewards you for cooperating with your squad! Now when I play online I teach my fellow squad mates how to boost their scores by cooperating with each other. Whenever I get a squad that cooperates we always score really high in the ranks, and we win our competitions too. I've made friends in BC2 who can't wait for me to come online because we have so much fun (which absolutely never happened in MW2).

    In addition to the cooperation aspect, other cool things started to come out when I played more. 1) Most of the environment can be blown to pieces. You can blow a building apart until it crumbles to the ground killing everyone in it. So if an enemy holes out in a strategically placed building, blow it up! 2) All of the 'classes' complement each other for cooperation. A Medic can heal/revive wounded/killed teammates (and gets rewarded handsomely for doing so), the Engineer can keep vehicles at bay and repair your team's vehicles, a Recon can help spot/snipe enemies and set booby traps, and Assault can resupply ammo and gadgets. All of these actions boost your squad's score and help you win. 3) The maps are really large. It's not a little sandbox like in MW2 (if you think MW2 boards are large, try the BC2 boards). 4) You can get bonuses for successfully setting objectives and meeting them during play. Throw up a defend order for your squad, and every kill you get while defending that flag gives everyone in your squad a bonus.

    It's all really neat when you figure it out and get a good squad working together. You don't even need to be a killing machine to get the top score. I've gotten most of my ace pins (being the highest scorer in a round) from being a medic and keeping everyone else alive.

    I have to say that: I have no desire to play MW2 anymore. I've tried since BC2 all fell together for me, and MW2 is just no fun anymore.

    Sorry for the long sales pitch but, is there anyone else that feels the same way that I do?

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    For sure, the game certainly emphasizes teamwork, and though it's been scaled back in size and player counts from BF2/BF2142, it's still fun. Now that they've worked out the kinks in the PC version, I've been throwing a lot of hours at it.

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    I was a big MW2 player when it came out. I would always come home from work and would end up online with the same group of friends having a few games. After a while though the glitches and lag issues just got too much and we gave up on it while waiting for BC2 to release.

    Now the last few days we have been playing the Reach Beta and are waiting for Red Dead Redemption, but we do play BC2 and while maybe not as, I dunno, flashy as MW2, its still a lot less aggravating. No superman combat knifing, no grenades from the heavens. Its a more enjoyable experience and the first game ive seen in along time that promotes working with your teammates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by komodo View Post
    For sure, the game certainly emphasizes teamwork, and though it's been scaled back in size and player counts from BF2/BF2142, it's still fun. Now that they've worked out the kinks in the PC version, I've been throwing a lot of hours at it.
    Yeah, I've started to spend more and more time playing too. It's the first game in a long time that's made me think about it while not playing. I keep coming up with new tactics to try on the different boards like: the next time, in Atacama Desert, we'll rush the enemy base with a personnel carrier. The Engineer will lay AT mines in front of where the tanks spawn, the Recon will plant C4 on the helipad then hide and spot enemies, the Assault will provide ammo/gadget refills and annoy and distract the spawning players, and the Medic will lay low to provide a spawning and healing point if things get ugly. I play the Medic since it's the least glamorous, but also very important, position (it sucks having to trek across the board into the enemy base if you lose the spawn point).

    When our squad pulled this off, we were all laughing our asses off. When an enemy would spawn the Assault guy would start plugging at them as soon as we spotted him. The enemy would then typically hop into a tank to take cover, drive ten feet forward and, BOOM! Then the one guy on the board, who always takes the helicopter over and over again, gets in the latest helicopter to spawn; the blades wind up and... click BOOM! Our Recon took the same enemy out seven times before he wised up.

    And I know some people think that these tactics are cheap. But, the rest of our team had a hard time winning the board; because, while we were messing with the enemy base, the enemy was concentrating on capturing and holding the flags. In the end, keeping the enemy vehicles out of play was just enough to turn the tide in our favor.

    In contrast, the most I ever thought about MW2, while I wasn't playing, was what perk/weapon combos to try out. And my most memorable moment was when I got my (only) 5 kill streak and finally got a sentry gun. It was stolen by an enemy because I thought I found a safe spot to drop it. My 'teammates' left me behind, because there were no enemies in the area at the time I popped the smoke, and they wanted to boost their kill numbers.

    It doesn't even compare.

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    I bought Bad Company 2 on the PC since I was able to sang it from EA directly for 19.99 via direct download. It's a really good "realistic" shooter and the tank/reward system is good though easily abused. However I still much perfer to play Team Fortress 2 which is not like COD or BF at all.

    But yeah Bad Company 2 kicks Modern Warefare's teeth in.. though that's mainly due to one has dedicated PC servers and one doesn't.

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