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    I really get annoyed at the US suppliers who offer free shipping in the continental US but won't give us Canadians an equivalent break on the shipping. I am not saying we should get free shipping just a discount on cost would be nice. I have tried the arguement a few times with no luck so now I buy my Molicares in Canada from a distributor who has exclusive distribution.

    Any thoughts?

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    what i do is send it to a place in the u.s and then pick it up but that is because i live about 10 miles from the us

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    What's the story about XPMedical shipping to Canada? I know they arrive in plain cardboard boxes that say "XP -- Gary Evans" on it, but the website says something about it having a clearly-defined description, for Customs. I'm asking on behalf of a girl I know in Canada who wants them but wants to avoid embarrassment.

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