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Thread: Your Most Watched Movie

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    Default Your Most Watched Movie

    Didn't see anything about this already, if there is a thread sorry

    Anyways, was thinking about what movies I have watched the most often (random boredom) and decided to make it into a topic, because, well why not?

    So what movie(s) have you watched the most times?

    For me, Right now it has to be District 9, which I have watched about 4 or 5 times already. Followed by The Hangover which has been about 3 times (when I need something on while trying to go to sleep i put it on). After that i think is Lion King 2, which was maybe 2 or 3 times? Was when i was younger though.

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    Dances With Wolves I've watched it so often I've memorized all of the script. "Put the gun down, put it down, put the gun down, we're just havin a conversation here. Lieutenant."

    Lonesome Dove and The Outlaw Jose Wales are my other two most watched (Usually once every six months or so).

    I know there all epic westerns; for me it's a nostalgia thing, my dads favorites were Westerns. Perhaps because he died just after I completed college it's my way of remembering and staying connected to him? All of these came out long after he died, but I'm sure they would have been his favorites.

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    Hot Fuzz is my all time favourite and have seen it quite a few times, also have watched some Disney films like Toy Story, A Bugs Life and The Jungle Book millions of times.

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    id say lord of the rings, series, harry potter, are two setss of movies ive seen alot,then id need to remember the rest

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    Pete's Dragon, Xanadu, Superbad, Interview with a Vampire, Exit Wounds, Mystery Alaska.

    I'm sure there are more. I know almost every line to every one of these movies though.

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    Jurassic Park, hands down. I must have seen it a hundred times as a kid. Even today I can watch it and it isn't stale. I've seen it so many times, today I can quote any line in the movie.

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    Battle Royale-Shuya Nanahara is awesome
    Lion King - It appeals to the furry within me and i wanna hug simba =]

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    Pulp Fiction. Seen it well over 200 times. I can count that because I watched it every day during my ninth and tenth grade summer vacations. That is no over-estimation.

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