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Thread: Public Toilets: do you use them?

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    Default Public Toilets: do you use them?

    Personally i hate public toilets. The ones that i seem to come across look like the last person to urinate had a seizure while they were peeing.

    Like today, at school i really had to go the the bathroom so i went into one of the lesser used toilets hoping that t would be clean. It wasn't. I had a choice between two stalls. The first one had toilet paper and urine EVERYWHERE!, Even on the wall. The second one was not much better, but i had to pee, so i had no choice.

    If i have the choice to go to the bathroom or wait and hold it in, i usually will wait until i get home.

    But what about You ADISC? Do you use public toilets? or would you rather wait untill you can use a clean toilet... or a diaper :P

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    Totally agree Snaps!!!

    Public toilets are so yucky, i remember once i walked into one and someone had wiped poop all over the cubical doors and sides....

    I always try and hold it in until i can get home... if i had a diaper on i would use it thats for sure! but ive never worn out in public before!

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    I'll use them if i have to pee, even though some are still pretty bad then. Avoid at all cost using one if i have to do the other thing though, that is when they get really really bad.

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    I have for many years avoided having to use public toilets unless absolutely necessary, and then I absolutely hate using urinals... just seems odd standing around with men peeing, with it all on display...

    Give me a diaper anyday over a toilet (not in an Incon sense, I must add)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDan View Post
    I I absolutely hate using urinals... just seems odd standing around with men peeing, with it all on display...
    Agreed, i hate urinals.... i Have had too many bad experiences with them to feel comfortable using them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If the public toilet is clean, I'll use it. But if it's filthy, I won't.

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    All I have to say is I feel sorry for all the females that are required to sit with the 90% of the nasty toilets that are out there.

    Being male at least makes them semi-usable but sometimes... you gotta go when you gotta go

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    I have a real problem with public toilets. This has come up before on this site, and it seemed that most of us didn't like public toilets or peeing publicly. I have trouble peeing when there are other people around, which I suppose is odd considering I can pee in a diaper in bed laying next to my wife. But somehow that's quite different.

    I did sort of okay until I went to college. I was peeing into a urinal and a student stood along side me and started commenting on my ...ahem..penis. This was a music conservatory where at least half the male population was gay. I was bi so that aspect didn't bother me. The fact that he was staring at me did.

    I had a friend who went into a roadside rest area late at night when he was traveling. While he was standing in front of the urinal, some man came behind him, grabbed his penis and masturbated him. He said he was so scared he didn't turn around, but just let the guy do him. So yes, I hate public restrooms. If I have to use one while traveling, I always go to a stall where I can close the door. It's now almost a phobia for me.

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    With my miniature bladder, I have no choice but to use them frequently. It doesn't really bother me either really: I'm a fully equipped male, so all I have to touch is my own body parts and no parts of the toilet. I mean if the toilet is already filthy, I can't exactly make it any worse by peeing in it, right?!


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    i hate public toilets. ill avoid them when i can plus i can hold my bladder for hours (i never used them at school cause they made me sick) so its not a problem for me but public toilets really are disgusting

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