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Thread: Your Favorite Diaper/Your Worst Diaper

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    Post Your Favorite Diaper/Your Worst Diaper

    Hey there want to know
    what is your most favorite diaper
    and which is your worst diaper in your mind

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    Best: Bambino (i prefer the Biancos, but I'm sure they work the same as the regulars )

    Worst: Depends Underwear for Men

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    Best: Absorin slip, Tena Slip
    Worst: Senecta, Tena Pants

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    Ill say mine
    Worst: I Got To Say Goodnites(dont really like pull-ups)

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    best diaperssecure x-plus and bambino

    worst is the store brand

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    Best: For me, Bambino Bianco

    Worst: Had some nasty experiences with Depends so i'm gonna go with them

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    My favorite is quickly becoming the Abri-form x-plus. :]
    Feels so much nicer than Bambinos to me!

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    Wellness Brief as long as Unique Wellness does not replace it.

    Pretty much any in store brand is horrible.

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    Bambino and abena x-plus

    worse depends

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