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Thread: Hai guize! :D

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    Default Hai guize! :D

    Hello everyone! :3 I am sixteen, and I am from boring Leland, NC. >> I'm honestly incontinent, but I'm getting interested in this kinda stuff I guess. o:

    I love French and German. They're beautiful! :3 I can speak almost fluent French, but my German is rough... xD

    I love art. I make paintings alot. :3 My favorite medium is acrylic. I love to sketch and often find my self doodling my notes instead of writing them in class. :33

    I also play guitar, harmonica, and piano! :3

    So, there's mah intro! xD Where's my cookies? >:3

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    Wilkomen! wie gehts? (very little of the german i can remember xD)

    Hope you enjoy the site. How long have you been playing guitar for?

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    Ehhh, I'm better with French. xD

    Thank-you and I've been playing guitar for about 2 years. C:

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    Bonjour, mi petit choufluer.

    Comment êtes-vous?

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    Je suis bon. Comment vas-tu? :3
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    Muy buena, gracias

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    Mehh, le français est difficile. xD Toutefois, J'aime français.

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    Espanol es muy muy fecil.

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    Oui! :3 J'ai entendu dire que si vous savez le français, l'espagnol est plus facile!! :}D

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    Vous devriez essayer de parler à Zephiel, il est un maître de la langue.

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