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Thread: Hey everyone.

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    Default Hey everyone.

    Im daniel from the UK.i just started to wear agan I used to wet the bed until not long ago and My 9 year old brother has bladder problems which is what made me want to wear i think. Any way i recently tried wearing agan because i really missed it and i love it!!! Hope my parents dont find out and im really scared to wear in public or around any one.

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    Well hi there daniel i'm daniel (love being able to say that!!)

    Welcome to ADISC... you've chosen the right place to come to!!

    Obviously you like diapers (or nappies if you prefer!!), but anything else you get up to!! I'm a keen photgrapher myself... of planes and cars!! Love F1, and pretty much any motorsport!!

    There is some great advice on this forum for helping to keep things 'hidden' as your far from the only person who doesn't want parents finding out!!

    So yeah, tell us a little about yourself, and your almost guaranteed to find someone else here who had the same hobbies!!

    Best Wishes


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    Oh, hi Daniel. ^.^

    Welcome. Any interests you have, aside from diapers? I mean, we could have figured that part out. Enjoy ADISC, drop by IRC sometime and be sure to check out the wiki.


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    Won't be long now until the name "Daniel" is subject to the same inflation as the Zimbabwe Dollar currently is. Looks like the Daniels are taking over the world!

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC. ENjoy your time here!


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    Wow 3 dans in here lol

    Im really into PC gaming, i love aircraft stuff and spending time with my little brother. im really immature for my age (dont have many friends im a bit lonely lol) but im more of a TeenToddler than a tb lol

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    What aircraft stuff you like? I'm mainly into photographing military aircraft/helicopters, but I won't say no to photographing the 'civvie' stuff too!!

    Favourite Military Jet - F15!!
    Favourite Old School Military Prop Plane - Spitfire
    Favourite 'civvie' jet - 747 or A380 (though never seen either for real :O)

    I also have a mess around on Flight Sim X... not too badly... just don't ask me too land a big jet!!

    Don't get too worried about having loads of friends... far better to have a few really good mates, than loads a 'crap' mates!! (quality not quantity).

    All the best!

    Dan :elmo:

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    Im really into building model planes and flight sim. (go FSX lol!) i only have 2 friends and my little brother doesnt have any but your right. quality over quantity. means you can spend more time with them!

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    Default I'll add another Daniel to the list

    I've been in and out of diapers for at least 30 years, probably more. As I get older, I find I need them more.

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