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Thread: What exactly is a babyfur/littlefur?

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    Default What exactly is a babyfur/littlefur?

    Please don't bash me but I am very curious, what exactly is a furry?

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    a furry is a person with an interest in anthropomorphic animals. Think Bugs bunny, daffy duck things like that.

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    I would say, a furry is someone with more than a passing interest in anthromorphic animals. In order for me to consider anyone a furry, they would need to portray themselves (or be portrayed by someone else) as an anthromorphic animal at least twice, whether that's in art, roleplay, writing, or just how they present themselves. The reason for that is, I think if somebody just draws hot vixen women, for example, they're just attracted to furries.They're not necessarily one themselves; think of the difference between a fat person and a fat admirer.

    Of course, the above is just my opinion. If someone wants to consider themselves a furry, that's up to them.

    For *me*...being a furry is means I incorporate both animal and human traits into my behaviour. It's like a less intense version of puppy or pony play in a way, only without the sexual overtones. I can bark, pant, scritch, whimper, play with a ball, chew a bone, wear a collar...and at the same time, walk around like a normal human being, use english, and do everything a human can do. All the carefree fun of being a puppydog, but I don't have to stop functioning as a human being. It's the best of both worlds.

    I also draw myself and most everyone else I draw as an anthromorphic animal and read and write stories written with anthro characters.

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    This is a song that has a cool beat and has lyrics about furrys. YouTube - FA - The Furry Song 2009 With Lyrics I think someone posted it on the irc.

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