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Thread: Why are they still on the market

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    Default Why are they still on the market

    when belted undergarments came on the market they were an alternative to diapers. for the last 10 years or so disposable underwear has been on the market which is an alternative for people who do not want to wear bulky diapers. so why are the belted undergarments still on the market

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    Cos they are much, much cheaper. Pull up styles tend to be even dearer than premium diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If someone only had stress incontinence (ie. small leaks when sneezing or lifting) then the belted undergarments would probably do the trick.

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    Short answer would be because people must still be buying them. They do tend to be cheaper than pull up style and sometimes even absorb better

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    I work at a drug store, so I can tell you they are one of the slowest movers. With that said, they still sell. You get more per pack than regular diapers or "underwear." Some people need something in between guards/shields and full on diapers/pull-ups. I tried them once but I'm just too skinny for the belt thingies to hold them up.

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    I've wondered a similar thing with sanitry pads (menstral). You can still buy the belt and pads to hook on. Apparently this used to be the only type in days gone by, long before I ever needed them. Can't imagine why anyone would choose them, while other pads have improved so, so much.

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    I'd have to say that pull up underwear are more difficult to use, especially when changing in public restrooms having to take off shoes, pants, and ect.... As belted undergarments you just pull down pants and unbutton and rebutton the straps on some of them. Protective underwear is the most difficult incontinence product there is. That's what I think.

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