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Thread: Methods of Disposal

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    Default Methods of Disposal

    The biggest problem for me is disposal of nappies. I am sure I can get them into my house safely, so all that leaves is getting them out again after the fact. And therein lies the problem.

    My parents are into recylcing. More than 2 bags of rubbish and they'll get suspicious. I've used getting all the rubbish from bins we have upstairs before to get stuff out of my room (not tb/dl stuff, but stuff I didn't want them to see) so it probably won't work again. Anyways, I couldn't get them out more than once or twice a week whatever happens. This gives the problem if I get any, I can't be sure I can get rid of them after using one.

    Can you see any way round this problem, or in general

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    Well my method involves zip-lock plastic food bags, air freshener, and either an opaque plastic bag of some sort or some other rubbish.

    It's easy as pie: Stuff the diaper into the zip-lock bag. Spray the air freshener in (the odor neutralizing stuff works best), and zip it up - make sure it's air-tight. Then take it out to the big bin outside (the nearer to rubbish day the better, obviously), and either hide it in the plastic bag or chuck it in and toss some other rubbish on top. I've done it loads of times now and never got caught.

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    What I do probably won't help you but still (for others maybe):

    On Monday morning (I always wear the night of Sunday on Monday) I have school really late, so I hang around and in the end I get a plastic bag. Take a shower and put the diaper in the plastic bag and tie it off. Then I go to my room and put the bag on top and empty my own trashcan in the big container. By now my parents are used to seeing that so it doesn't strike them as suspicious.

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    isn't this your second thread on the same topic?

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    I actually managed to double thread - I've heard of double post but this is new.


    Seriously though, sorry, I didn't realise. I've got a new laptop with a smaller keyboard and my fingers are still getting use to it. Proably posted one, knocked something accidently, thought it hadn't posted and posted it again.

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    I solved my disposeal problem I tie my diapers as tight as I can get them after rolling them up.
    Then I put 2 of them in a plastic store bag like from walmart, then I keep it in the garage, and when I go to the gas station I toss it in there can.

    McDonalds also get some of my diapers, I just take a cup from Mcd's and carry it to the outside garbage container with my diapers and toss it in.

    I spend enough money at these places at least they can take my garbage, when I gas up the truck it's never under 50 bucks, and the honda is around 25, and I stop at Mc d's everyday for lunch, I'm just getting a little more for my money spent, at these stores.

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    What I do is put it in a carrier bag, tie it up, put it into another bag, and then throw it into a public bin. Just go out for a walk, and chuck them away in a public bin.

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    I usually have a trash bag or a few in my room and put my old ones in...And take them out when no one is home and toss them in the trashcan n__n

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    The problem I have here is I pay for trash removal by the bag, and the less I put out the less it costs me, if I don't use them for diaper disposeal, I can go a few weeks without putting out a bag.

    So the places I do bussiness with that have outside trash containers, get my diapers 2 at a time.

    And besides when I have a bag with alot of diapers it weighs a ton, otherwise all I have is waste paper.

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    Well I have it pretty easy....mainly because I have a real diaper pail in my room. I have had it there since...oh about 14 years old, so 6-7 years ago. In fact I do not even remember how I got it, I know I did not pay for it! I am pretty sur my parents bought it for me when they found out about my infantilism, and I went to the shrink and made a deal with them to to get me a pail and I will be as sanitary as possible and they will never see it anywhere if they just let me do it.

    So I just take off my diaper when needed, then fold it up(rolling can squish it out, specially out of the really full ones), then put it in the diaper pale which has a trash bag in it. It has a lid, plus I bunchup the top of the bag until I tie to to take it out, so the smell will not escape so easily, and my room usually stays smelling pretty fresh. Then When it gets full which is about 7-8 diapers, I will take it out to the trash cans in the garage and hide it under another bag of trash. Recently I been taking out my diaper pale to the trash every 5-7 days recently.

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