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    hello there,

    well after having been labeled a "lurker" by moo I basically feel "intrigued" to introduce myself.

    To be frank, the term forum-lurker is not at all mis-befitting of my internet persona, as I am rather someone who feels perfectly comfortable taking a back-seat and to read posts rather than to truly contribute. Alas, there is, at least I believe, not much I honestly could contribute on many subjects.

    What am I doing here? Well, aehm... lurking it is.

    On a second thought, it's quite simple,... Been a bedwetter all my life and have day-time incontinence issues too, although they are minor compared to the night-time "accidents"... I guess somewhere, sometime along my road of life I have come to like my diapers quite an odd bit, and feel rather comfortable being safely wrapped in one as without.
    I thus could be considered an incontinent DL.
    I don't have any other AB tendencies, lead a pretty boring "normal" life and that's as much as there is to it...

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    Hello neighbor, welcome aboard!

    Which part of Switzerland are you from?

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    Close to Bale ("Basel") for what it's worth...
    was born in zurich ... my family moved a lot... my dad worked internationally and thus we moved a lot around ... I didn't mind... due to my bedwetting I was actually happy to relocate every couple of years... (schools...)
    I actually spent time in milano and before that in paris... spent parts of my childhood in kilkenny (ireland) and later we moved back to zurich and then I moved to bale as my job's there...

    My sister (two years my senior) is in dublin these days... I spend a lot of time at her place as she's very dear to me.

    I love italy... Wish my italian was any better... but we went to the intl. school of milano I only had a few italian lessons... I can get around but that's it.

    where are you from?

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here! Well at least you are a lurker here so at least that tells me you are trying to contribute here!

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