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    So, just thought I'd throw this out there. What is your favorite FOSS? In case you're wondering what FOSS stands for, it's "Free Open Source Software."

    I'll probably come back later to post more, but here are a few of mine:

    • Linux (kernel) - What more can I say, my system wouldn't be very useful without it.
    • GNU Emacs - My favorite unix-style text editor (please don't hate on me vi people :rofl
    • KDE - The K Destkop Environment. It's my top choice of those I've tried so far.
    • Firefox - I'm sure you already knew this one
    • tvtime - Best TV viewer I've found. It actually runs smoothly at 59.94Hz (NTSC).
    • mplayer - A great media player and one of my favorites. It will play just about anything.
    • zsnes - SNES Emulator, works pretty well (especially nice with gravis gamepad pro).
    • fceultra - NES emulator
    • TeXLive - A (La)TeX distribution with packages for just about anything imaginable that you might need to type.
    • xpdf - PDF viewer. It works well, but my favorite part is it's really fast!
    • xchat - IRC Client. It's what I use most of the time.
    • pidgin - Multiprotocol instant messaging client, though I use it mostly for AIM and Google Talk.

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    ZSNES!!! I LOVE it!

    too bad the roms arn't really free tho'... but there are ways to get them...

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    Yeah, it rocks. And yeah, the roms aren't really free.. albeit that it's more or less abandonware (not that this makes it okay necessarily).

    [looks over at the what type of nerd are you thread and sees everyone listing computer nerd] C'mon, you guys gotta know about some cool FOSS .

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    Too much to list.

    Firefox I guess... It's become more of a memory hog than IE, unfortunately.

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