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    Hi, I'm Boomboom .... how should I introduce myself? Uhmm... I first got interested with diapers when I was 4-5 when I was bedwetting. I guess I got fixated with diapers at this stage so when i left diapers at that age, I missed it... when I was 13-14 was my real DL/TB experience; i bought my first diapers and tried them on and I liked it... now, I'm an AB/DL i guess haha..

    Hope to seeing you people around

    Pinoy po ako

    May I add...

    my interests are History, Political Science, Urban Planning, Sociology, South East Asian Education, and Basic Education...

    Currently taking AB Political Science...

    Hahaha... I;m more of a nerd in regards of studying )
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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here. Are these AP classes or are these college courses? I myself am a math and science person but I do have a somewhat of an interest in history.

    What is Pinoy po ako? Is it Filipino or Tagalog?

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    ^^ College courses =)) Liberal Arts courses are required for my degree, and I love them =))

    "Pinoy po ako" - Filipino/Tagalog for "I am Filipino"

    Filipino - Terminology for the official language of the Philippines
    Tagalog - A local dialect spoken by a majority of Filipinos. Filipino is based on ... Tagalog (except that Filipino also uses other words from other dialects)
    In terms of fundamental structure and grammar, Filipino and Tagalog are basically the same hahaha

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    Welcome to the site. I liked the taking AB political science. There's a Freudian if ever I saw one. Unless of course there is a course of study called Adult Baby political science. After all, most of our politicians are big babies.

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    yes they are... but Political Science is more than those big babies... =))

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