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    1,2 ...He's coming for YOU!

    I'm quite proud to say that our local midnight showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street was a sold out show. Stadium seating even. For a Thursday night, I'm impressed. Though not so much impressed with the actual remake. Michael Bay has certainly done worse though, so this film does get some respect. There were elements I did like and others not so much. The acting felt VERY painfully FLAT from the teenagers who were soon to be Freddys new play toys. The ironic thing is they try so hard not to fall asleep but if I had to hang with them in a real life scenario they probably put me to sleep. That's the funny thing with horror movies though, you never know if the director is making the victims act like that on purpose to the point we cheer the bad guy on when he finally kills them. "Why won't you just f--king die!?" ;D

    Jackie Hayes did alright though. He was exactly what they said he would be in the interviews. A more serious, heartless, creepy, and full of revenge Freddy. I HATED some of his dialogue though, most of it was one linear puns that reeked of cheese. They never just let the guy talk! It's also really weird seeing your favorite childhood horror icon being played by someone else. I knew what he was gonna look like but it didn't leave a lasting impression like Robert was able to do so many times.

    I still suggest you see it, just make sure to do yourself a favor though and get the bluray of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. You won't be disappointed. This doesn't change my love for Freddy though, not in the slightest.

    My poor wallet! I purchased some really nice limited collector things going on to celebrate this release. I am pleased and did I mention life outside of this couldn't be more perfect? Raccoon knows what I speak of but I am truely, truely blessed and not to mention spoiled. *grins* Yeah.

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    Ugh. I'm really skeptical, seeing as how many remakes have been garbage, ie Rob Zombie's terrible remake of the masterpiece, Halloween.

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    I kinda wanna see the new nightmare on elm street. I've never really watched a horror movie, but it looks pretty good.

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    there is a drive-in theatre called the Elm Road Drive in that must have a screen that is back in a wooded area, they were showing the movie on that.... imagine night time, dark, wooded area, scary movie in your darkened car......

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    I've seen the trailer for this and it looks pretty good, hopefully going to see it when it comes out over here. It will be a good revision break.

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