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    So, first off, a definition of Cuddlies for you Americans (and probably most everyone else as well): Plushies, I think you call them!

    How do I wash them?

    Panda Bunny, PB, got very dirty after I drunkenly decided to take him to a nightclub with me, and his nose and ears and all icky.

    What's the best way to wash him?

    I thought it would be cool to share any techniques or tricks any of you had for different cuddlies, so we can all look after ours better!

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    I usually use a small washcloth, and hand-wash mine, because that is how my mom would wash them when I was little. Usually the manufacturer tag has some washing instructions, unless they are so old and worn that you can't read it, or it the tag isn't there anymore.

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    I make a mixture cold water and just a little bit of lite detergent in a bowl.

    I use Victoria Secret laundry detergent its very gentle on fur.

    Then I just take a clean cloth, get it damp, and gently wipe off dirt from the fur.

    I don't scrub hard because I find that the fur can get damaged, but I don't know how dirty your buddy is.

    I always let them air dry.

    Afterward let go over plushie with a lint brush to catch any lose hair or dirt.

    Lastly lots of hugs.
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    This thread makes me think of this comic page.

    I've always just thrown mine in the wash when I was little. I didn't have that strong of an attachment though... so ya. Not the best advise.

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    I've heard about putting them into a pillow case and tying the pillow case shut. Then wash on gentle cycle. I guess the same would work in the dryer on the permanent press cycle.

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    The store from which I ordered my badger plushie subsequently emailed me regarding this product: GUND - Teddy Bear Bath -

    I've not yet purchased or used it, however, so I can't comment on its effectiveness, but the reviewer seems happy with it.

    My mum always used to just chuck our cuddly toys in the washing machine (not in a pillow case or anything) with everything else, but that kinda ruined the eyes, so I'm not about to recommend that.

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