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Thread: Factory Screw-ups?

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    Default Factory Screw-ups?

    Anytime manufacturing is involved, there is always the chance of having an oddity or two come out of the process. Those screw-ups are usually tossed out, or re-done, so they don't see circulation. Despite the companies best efforts though, some do slip through that filtering process, and are sold on the market to consumers. Which isn't a bad thing if your talking about collectables, such as coins. Collectors love the error coins, and certain types can bring hundreds or thousands of dollars! However, on more used and depended on items, screw-ups are bad. Which brings me to the real reason I have started this thread.

    Last night, around 12, I was tired, and so I put on a diaper before bed. However, after I had gotten it on, I realized it wasn't on quite right. So I adjusted it, but realized that the tapes on one side where a lot higher than the other, which caused the front to twist to one side. So thinking I must be tired and messed-up, I decided to just re-do it. After all, the tapes were quite re-fastenable. I undid the tapes, straightened it back out, and tried again.. Different result, but a smiliar problem. I tried it again a few more times, but no matter what I did, something was always wrong! It was mainly just too tight.. but I couldn't have made the tapes looser. Another problem was that it felt twisted, which caused me discomfort. Eventually, I gave up, and just threw the diaper across the room. Not wanting to admit defeat, I went to my hiding spot, and got another one. That one went on no problem at all.. I didn't even have to adjust the tapes.

    So now that I'm awake, and have had time to think about it, I'm quite convinced there was something wrong with that diaper- like a factory screw- up. I looked at the diaper in question, and it looks like one of the sides that the tapes are attached to, was either too low, or shorter than the other side. I think that's why I couldn't get it to line up right. I have never run into this problem before.. or if I have, it wasn't bad enough for me to notice. I can still use it, but since the tapes now just barely stick, it's only good as a stuffer. It makes me mad though.. I paid $40 with shipping for these, and one is screwed-up.. I feel like I wasted money! I wonder if the company will do exchanges!?

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    Well... if you contact the place you ordered it from and explain it to them they might offer you a discount on some other products. I've gotten more messed up diapers in my time than I care to think about. Most of the time I just cut the sides off and use them as stuffers.

    I did get a batch of Bambinos that were missing a tape on one side... I e-mailed them about it and they gave me a good discount on my next order. It really just depends on how many were messed up and who you are dealing with.

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    I bought diapers once that had wider tapes than normal and the company said it must have been a screw up.

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    Factory defects are normal, but rare for the most part. If you order 80 of something, you can expect at least 1 to be bad...I've had bambinos with melted plastic on the front, long pieces of plastic that weren't cut properly on abenas...but's very rare that I see a bad diaper come out of my drawer. If I got a whole case of defects, I would be pissed, but one or two doesn't bother me that much.

    As far as what you do when you get defects, call the company, and talk to customer service...In the business of medical stuff (like diapers (or rather, things that a business does NOT want coming back to the store after purchased)). Do you know what people do in diapers? They pee in them...ewww....a business definently is not going to let you send back your potentially "used" diapers.

    But like finn said, they'll give you a discount on your next purchase. I was going to post a topic about defects, but i never did because they're so rare. But if i ordered a whole case and they were already peed in, I would be quite upset.

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    I was joking about returning it..

    I know defects are to be expected, but I only bought 12, so one of them being bad does bother me a little.. Now if I had a case, then one wouldn't be a big deal.. but since I have so few, it's an irksome issue. Now I'm going to be all paranoid that there's more bad ones in the bag! Though I know it isn't common..

    Jonathan: I think getting wider tapes would be a good thing! I wouldn't mind having diapers with that defect..

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    No problem, i know exactly how you feel. I remember when I used to just buy packs. One diaper was worth a whole lot more than it is now. I guess you treat them differently when you have more. But that's how it is with everything, including money.

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    The Walgreens brand has at least like 4 or 5 defects per bag....its annoying as hell.

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    You spent $40 on 12 diapers? Wow.

    I've gotten the occasional defect as well and I usually just try to wear it anyway, or throw it out if it can't be worn. I've never called, I just hate dealing with customer service lines, being on hold, trying to talk to people who speak 12 words of English, etc. Although I imagine diaper manufacturers are not as inconsiderate as my cable company.

    When I buy blank DVDs for my office, the DVR usually says that about 1 in 5 of them can't be recorded on. That's pretty damn annoying as well.

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    The original Goodnites for Boys (with the BMX prints) initially had a manufaturing defect...not enough glue was applied to attach one of the stretchy sides to the padded part of the pants, causing the side to separate from the rest of the pants, leaving them useless..I had a whole bag of these that weren't made properly and had heard from others that this was a common occurrence.

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    I find the assurance diapers are always a little off, they never quite fit right, it seems one side is always longer then the other.

    I have beeen wearing them for a few months now, and everyone I put on fits a little crooked, but when I use one of my other good diapers they always fit nice.

    Unless I'm that crooked and don't notice it.....LOL B

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