I wondered if there are currently any others who are thinking of sharing their enjoyment of wearing nappies/diapers with their partners and how they feel about doing so. I know from my own recent experience how nerve wracking this can be and would also like to offer my own thoughts, the questions I asked myself and how from this I finally decided to tell my fiancée after so many years of keeping it all to myself. This being the perspective from a male point of view, not sure it would be too different for the girls here either?

I can start by saying that I know there is no easy way to tell someone you love dearly that you like to wear nappies, understandably this is something we all unfortunately know, no matter how long we have indulged in our wearing of them, privately, secretly and away from others in any quiet time during our lives that we could snatch when getting time at home alone.
I believe that it’s this secrecy whilst growing up that also makes it more difficult to tell someone you love later in life, almost as if you feel it is wrong to have enjoyed it in the first instance and is also the very reason for hiding it since then.

Trying to prepare yourself to tell the person you love, but only once you know yourself and accept that this private indulgence is going to remain with you throughout your life as you feel the absolute necessity to tell them hoping they’ll understand does it then become the hardest thing to share with them.

I would say before sharing it, ask yourself a few questions to make sure you are making the right decision. Are you fully committed to each other? Do you see yourself together for a considerable time, engagement, marriage, etc? If they didn’t accept, share or didn’t want to participate in your desire for nappies would it jeopardise your relationship married or otherwise once they know, and would you be happy for the rest of your life without them or keeping them hidden away as a secret as you may have done so far without being able to share it for fear of others finding out?

If you are happy so far and with how your relationship is and you feel you have a secure future together despite any potentially harmful admission, and before sharing anything at all ask yourself a couple of further questions, how open minded are they? Do they suggest anything in your relationship that would imply they could be receptive or do they scorn anything out of the ‘ordinary’?
If you find that they do have a very open mind and not easily shocked then I would say they may be quite receptive to your admission but until you share it with them you are not going to know for certain.

These are some of the very questions I asked myself when I was in the situation and come out the other side of it in only the autumn last year. This is from the perspective that I’m a DL and not an AB/TB. But first and foremost I believe the nappy wearing part is initially the largest hurdle we all face. For getting your other half to understand the AB/TB perspective once they can accept you or both of you together wearing nappies to take it a stage further I think is better left to someone on here who has had the experience themselves to take their shared admission of that to the further level beyond that of a DL like myself.

I agonised for several days over telling my fiancée about my enjoyment of wearing nappies which came to its conclusion when I knew that I was to be spending the rest of my life with her. At 40 years old and embarking on my 2nd marriage I didn’t want this one to have any secrets.
My first wife had no idea of my nappy wearing habit and was never likely to know after we were watching TV one evening and a programme called ‘British Sex’ was on Sky which we did used to watch each week. This particular episode featured a DL, an AB, a Sissy Maid and a Nanny, the reaction from my ex wife along with the comment of “Thank god, you’re normal and aren’t into anything as depraved as this” was enough to let me know even just as a DL I could never share it with her despite coming close on many occasions over the years prior… we were divorced sometime only months later but for other reasons obviously and I was then very happy I hadn’t actually revealed this part of myself to her.

I’ve been with my current fiancée for over 5 years now and as mentioned previously I knew from my own questions and feelings about our relationship that I had to tell her for all the personal reasons I had stemming from my early memories that I enjoyed wearing nappies.
From the moment I knew I was going to tell her I became very distracted at work and also at home to the point she knew I had something on my mind. It was only after a few days of this when I told her we needed to talk… and this was the point of no turning back.
Our talk started in silence across opposite ends of the room, eventually I started by asking her how she felt about secrets in marriage, how she would think if there was something different about me I hadn’t shared with her before, which led onto different quirks people had and how she felt about them such as fetishes as an example.
At this point she started to understand where we were heading and became more curious than the concern or anger she had shown beforehand over my quiet behaviour. I explained to her that I did enjoy wearing something different for a number of reasons that I could explain but not easily, something I enjoyed often, sometimes occasionally, sometimes regularly but not all the time. As much as I tried to explain I just could not bring myself to say the words nappy, nappies, diaper, or diapers to her. After reeling off a fairly short list of various fetishes my fiancée finally found the words that I couldn’t say as I nodded in agreement when she mentioned the very words I wanted to hear her say when she offered the word ‘nappies?’
The reaction I received was one more of relief and that I wasn’t breaking up with her which is what she had feared due to thinking I had found someone else or worse after being so quiet. At the same time I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders knowing that for the first time in my life someone finally knew about the real me.

As I at least could have expected our talk carried on from that point and there were many questions she asked and I can’t say I answered them all easily, some I’d been prepared for, others I wasn’t especially when trying to explain it wasn’t just a sexual thing and was just a small part of it. But overall just to have the acceptance, understanding and a future together with her afterwards was enough for me.

I would be interested to hear other members thoughts and experiences similar to my own, or thoughts of others who are thinking about sharing.