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  • Whole Milk

    22 27.85%
  • 2% Milk

    25 31.65%
  • 1% Milk

    8 10.13%
  • Skim Milk

    7 8.86%
  • Soy/Other

    8 10.13%
  • I dont like Milk

    9 11.39%
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Thread: Milk!!! what do you drink??

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    I absolutely DESPISE milk.

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    Milk is probably my favourite drink, closely followed by various juices and cola. I drink 3.75% milk, so I voted 2% (which I used to drink BTW, somehow I changed to 3.75%). I don't like skim milk.

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    You have weird types of milk.
    We have "natural milk" (natural 3.8% fat content), the standard "full milk" (3.5%), and "fat reduced milk" (1.5%).
    I drink the 3.5% variety.

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    Never been a big milk fan, and developed (What i think is) allergies to it, again, so usually its Soy milk or none (more often none)

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    Wow, here in UK we have whole milk, skimmed milk, and semi skimmed milk... and recently we've been getting a new purple topped carton called 'one' which is one percent.

    I drink whatever I've got. Skimmed is best on cereal, semi skimmed for drinking and whole for making hot chocolate

    I adore milk, I easily drink more milk than any other type of drink, when I'm well! We're talking, 3 or 4 pints a day most days... (but I try to cut down when I'm with people, or else they think I'm really weird!)

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    milk = :puke:

    I cook with it all the time. But I can't stand it straight.

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    I love milk! Probably the best drink next to water. Sadly I'm the only one in my home who enjoys whole milk so I'm often drinking 2% (which isn't bad).

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