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    Hey everyone, sorry this intro is a lil late. Anyways here goes.

    Im 21 male & from the uk. Id say im a dl wth sum AB tendencies ie i like using a bottle & paci.

    Iv liked nappies since not long after I was pottytrained but it didnt really kick off until my teens.

    As far as my normal life goes im a Final year university student and I enjoy quite a few sports, particularly football (or soccer if u have to call it that, lol). I also enjoy listening to most types of music (country aside), and really like hanging out with friends & going clubbing.

    Looking to make some new friends and am up for chatting about just about anything, so hit me up. Got any questions just ask


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    Quote Originally Posted by nappiedbutt View Post
    particularly football (or soccer if u have to call it that, lol)
    Yea that would help real much since I am a real buff of Football or American Football If you have to call it that.

    Welcome to ADISC, nappiedbutt! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site. And BTW I am a hispanic that hates soccer!

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    Hi there. Welcome to ADISC from someone else in the UK! There's quite a few of us on here. Hope you enjoy it.

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