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    Exclamation Well out of order....

    i ussualy keep quiet about my views on the whole ab/dl lifestyle but some how i feel betrayed when wanting other people to accept this community and not think were a bunch of weirdos,however i cant help but blame them when you visit sum websites or video websites daily d for example where you have in the video section grown men showing indecent images of themselves.. how the f***K is anyone gonna accept it when you see disgusting things like that...whos with might be people reading thsi now who are doing it and if soo what the hell are you playing at.... let me know wot u think!!

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    I haven't seen whatever it is you're talking about and I'm certainly not requesting a link (it would be inappropriate for this site). Just as a general matter, I don't know that it matters much. Nobody looks very cool pursuing their desire and while it may offend some who see it, all it takes is a little empathy to know that they also look ridiculous doing whatever they do, even if it's the most mundane of sexual practices. Any who can't grasp that fact weren't likely to be thinking fondly of us and then just scandalized by the video.

    These things exist for the benefit of the like-minded out there. They don't do anything for me so I don't go looking. That's all I can suggest for you that seems useful.

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    I'd have to say that those websites are meant for that content, they don't bother me really with their content....The site is meant for diapers, diaper videos and pictures...

    On the other hand its the people uploading these kinds of videos to "youtube". That's where I think the problem is...Youtube isn't meant for pornography!
    When someone sees someone rubbing their diaper on a video that they uploaded to youtube, I find it harmful to us. There will always be bad apples in our community unfortunately. Some worse than others.

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    You expect porn to be clean?

    Or do you just prefer better looking actors?

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    I would say that most *bdl sites are as clean as the punctuation in your first post; which is to say that it is not. Of course, what would you expect; this is the Internet, human decency does not exist in vast quantities here.

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