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Thread: wearing three depends diapers and using plastic garbage bags as diaper liner

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    Default wearing three depends diapers and using plastic garbage bags as diaper liner

    I am wearing three depends super absorbent diapers today. I cut slits in two of them and then put on the third. I also am using two garbage bags as a diaper liner so I can fill all three totally. I wore them to work under my black pants - they sure do make my butt look bigger. I also am wearing panty hose and a girdle over all of that to keep the leaking totally a non happening event hopfully.

    I am willing to let anyone know how it is going as the day progresses. I will check back later and answer any questions.

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    Default No have not tried this before

    No I have never tried wearing three diapers at one time. I have worn two with one slit so when it fills up the overflow goes into the second one. I have managed to wear that from 8am to about 3pm and fill both of them. This only worked when I also used the garbage bags as diaper liners.

    I do enjoy the feeling of a really full wet diaper but do not enjoy haveing the wet diaper leak and get my slacks or skirt wet. I am hoping to be able to keep drinking coffee all day and see how full I can get the three of them while at work.

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    So far so good - up to my 6th cup of coffee. Only problem is in walking - the diapers are so full that its difficult to walk without looking like I am a cow girl and just got off the horse (lol). They do now make a nice squishing feeling when I set down. Also the warmth is very nice.

    The other thing is so far no leaking - my chair is still dry and so are my clothes.

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    For those of you that really enjoy a super soaked diaper and the feeling of bulk from a soaking diapering - wow the three diaper method with garbage bags as diaper liners really works well.

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    You may want to look into some plastic pants... They will work better than garbage bags.

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