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Thread: Joining the RAF/army/navy after school?

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    Question Joining the RAF/army/navy after school?

    Recently Ive been thining of going into the RAF because it beats the crap out of some dead end IT job and I was wondering how many of you were contemplating it after school was done with.

    (also sorry if this needs moving for any reason at all)

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    Finding a job after your done with school is hard to do. But ultimately you have to do something that you love doing and a job that will make you happy. I seem to have found my passion and that what im planning on doing after i leave.

    While some jobs might be a "dead end", not all have to be, if you study enough and work hard then you can get places in the world... those places can get you better jobs


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    Yep, Snaps is right here. Find what you love doing and just go with it!
    If you find that your passion is in the defence forces, then great, kudos to you! I work very closely with the Navy and think that it would be a great opportunity for all young people! Just don't believe everything you see on television about the Navy life ie sea patrol...

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    NO! Can't - blind in one eye. Not that I'd want to anyway; far too much exercise.d

    Huge respect for anyone who does.

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    I'm planning on air force once i'm 18, just trying to find a job till then.

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    Hey, there are tons of jobs in IT that are NOT dead end!

    But ya, joining the armed force is not a bad idea per see, it just happens to be a huge commitment. If its what you want to do then go for it, but I would not sign up if you're unsure. Its much easier to drop out from university that it is to get out of the armed forces.

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    I've considered it. I'd rather not, but if I have trouble affording college it's definitely an option. I can easily commit to something once I get into it, so I could probably do pretty well.

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    Ive actually spent a lot of the day thinking about what area would be right for me and I was so happy when I found out that the navy trained people to be chefs. (I love to cook) so Im gonna look into that and see if they need anyone.


    /edit/ and if anyone links "in the navy" I will.... lol =p

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    Going into the USMF or Army sometime after high school. Going to do a 4year tour or a 2year.

    If army I'm going for medic if Marines I'm going for something.

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    hmmm I wouldn't have considered post highschool job thoughts "off topic" but meh IDC so long as its in its proper place.

    my GF wants to be a medic but she isn't keen on leaving the uk.... not sure how thats gonna work out
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