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Thread: Nostalgia!

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    Default Nostalgia!

    I'm aware we've already got a topic a few pages back about old cartoons we used to watch, but I figured we could start afresh.

    Just now, I've ran across a youtube user who has a bunch of old commercials, trailers, and shows that I remember from back when I was a baby / kid. So, I guess I'll post them here.

    This thread will have lots of youtube links, be warned!
    Play School, 1994. ABC TV, Australia.

    Play School, probably the only show on TV that doesn't feed you bullshit. "The block is blue!" Holy crap, simple, no bullshit TV. The female host, Benita Collings, has been on that show for 30+ years. Australian families owe a lot of money to Play School, since it babysat kids for half an hour 2 times a day.
    Dolmio Pasta Sauce

    Man, I remember this ad. Nowadays they replaced the people with Puppets. gawd. >_>
    Flora Margarine

    Another commercial I remember. sure, it might not mean a lot to everyone else, but it brings back nostalgia to me...
    Cheez Tv was the shit. Sadly, in retrospect, it was just filled to the ass with ads to make kids buy shit. What's up with Ronald McDonald?

    God, that chick scares the shit outta me.

    So.. yeah, post yours!

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    MTN Kids Club.... this was the shit where I live (everyone knew the address PO Box 13000, Portage La Prairie, Mb R1N 3V3) , but really it was just cheap local content between cartoons. Now I have the beginning theme stuck in my head

    Oh and here are some 'not-for-kids' outtakes that leaked onto youtube years after the tv station was bought out...

    God, why isn't good stuff like this on the air anymore? Kids don't know what awesome is anymore...

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    I've nostalgia of a lot of cartoon I used to watch when I was around 5 y.o.:

    these were aired During Early morning
    Back from school I used to watch cartoons like:

    I cant forgot other cartoons and "The power rangers!"

    Also some spot. I remember the spot of Crystal Ball and some candy.

    More recently Some cartoon that cannot be aired on tv Like Sailor Moon.

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    Aggro is absolutely the best! I love that montage!

    Also, I used to love Alvin and the Chipmunks!

    And for my own addition, here's a post I put on my personal blog a few weeks ago that has to deal with a cartoon that I used to watch.
    October 10th, 1989.

    I am almost seven years old. There is so much in the world yet to learn, so many responsibilities to undertake. To me, there is little more than the long, arduous days at school, listening to Mrs. Luzriaga teach writing and arithmetic. At school there is a laminated A just above the blackboard, tattered from years of being taped up and then torn down after another class moves on. There is a cartoonish worm – smiling with teeth that worms do not actually have – sticking out of the apple in the middle of the picture. I stare at this apple and wonder what dentist does such great work on a worm’s teeth. I qualify this dentist as an artist in my mind, for if even this worm smiles after his procedures … he must be a saint compared to Dr. Berg. I would like to go to the worm’s dentist.

    I trundle home off of the school-bus. I bound down the stony driveway, dodging fallen leaves and kicking aside gray stones. My backpack slaps up and down against my back, filled with books and paper, but most importantly, the hidden pleasures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action-figures that I can look at and show to my friends when the teacher is not looking.

    That day, I sit on the floor in front of the television in our dingy basement, waiting for my favorite show to come on. Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers never disappoints me, and I am more than willing to do homework prior, just so I can have the chance to watch it. Numbers and math fly in front of my eyes. I scribble down spelling words spelled wrong. I get my assignments done just before the title-song, and when it comes on, the world means nothing. Chip and Dale – clever and comic as they are – are all that matter; Monterey Jack is all that matters, witty and brave and lovable; Gadget is all that matters, for she was my very first crush in that cute jumpsuit and with those adorable little ears; they are all that matter to me, the Rescue Rangers, and to come home from school and watch yet another episode … it is pure and indescribable bliss.

    That day, I saw an episode that changed my life. It touched a certain part of my heart and stroked a certain part of my soul. Instead of lusting for my mother like Freud suggests, I was modified from normality that day. That day, I changed.

    That was the day I was introduced to the Cuckoo Cola Cult.

    April 1st, 2008.

    Almost nineteen years have passed. Nineteen long, rewarding, sad, invigorating, educational, busy years. Johnny Cash is dead. Joey Ramone is dead. Yeltsin has been replaced by Putin. Two generations of Bush have lived at the White House. The Twin Towers have fallen. Ronald Regan has passed on. Phil Collins is no longer cool. I have grown, graduated, considered college, worked, considered college, worked, and then finally chose to return to college. I am a writer of music and prose. I am a young man living out the beginnings of his life while watching every day pass on, wondering how I could do it over better, more efficiently, in whatever means wastes less breath. Adulthood is regret. But yet, there is one thing that calls out to me.

    Come along, sings a little voice in my head, you belong, feel the fizz of Cuckoo Cola.

    For almostnineteen years, I have hidden the secret of the Cuckoo Cola Cult inside of me, locked away like a retarded amputee in its redneck father’s basement, too shameful to let but a single ray of light shine upon it. I sing the song; I sing the song to others; I lament. The song took hold of my brain the first moment I heard it, and for years I have trounced about, humming it, singing it, praying that one day it might come back to me, that I might hear it once again and rekindle my love with it and join in union with it again – my voice, its voice, Cola Love and grape and orange and cherry. I search the Internet, but I cannot find it. Day in and day out, I yearn to hear that one song just one more time …

    … until18 years, 5 months, 22 days later … The Cuckoo Cola Cult comes bursting back into my life. It has been nearly seven-thousand days since our last meeting. I am still faithful.

    Indulge yourselves. 6:20 of the second episode is where true happiness can be found.
    Part One

    Part Two

    And remember: You don’t need the Cuckoo Cola Cult to belong!

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    with alven and the chipmonks, i still have the space one almost memorised.

    other than that, i'd say tom and jerry. it's not as old as some of the others mentioned, but it's still the best.

    besids power rangers of course. nothing can ever beat power rangers.

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    yeah. watching it now it is corny, and cliche but it still rocked my world, in hndsight i find it funny that the 'yellow' ranger was played by an asain person and the black ranger was played by an african american HAH talk about stereotypes.

    another cartoon i loved was the addams family.. but i have no idea how to add youtube links drectl, as well as scooby doo and captain planet...

    for me however anime ddnt come into my life until ABOOOUT..year 3 i dont think...

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    I used to have such a crush on Trini / The Original Yellow Ranger.

    Too bad she's dead.

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    Ok, I know this isn't really stuff you'd normally watch as a kid, but anyone who used to watch YTV (the Canadian equivalent to Nickelodeon) will remember this being played on commercial breaks:

    I just noticed some friends of mine joined a facebook group about this video lol...

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    Playschool was the only tv show I watched as a kid religiously. I was still watching it when I was 7 because I loved making the stuff on there. Good educational fun tv.
    I must admit I watched Cheese TV and Cartoon Connection. Wasn't allowed to watch tv in the morning so recorded it and watched before bed. So many ads its pathetic. I'm so glad my parents were poor so I couldn't ring up for all those competitions I wanted and couldn't buy the stuff I wanted. Would have hated half of it when I had it but it's so easy to manipulate kids minds.
    The worst ad was this ad that was of this plane and they made it look like it flew. My uncle bought it for me and I was devastated that it just stayed on the ground and rolled around. My uncle ended up making a remote control plane from scratch (minus the engine which he bought... he's an aeronautical mechanic/engineer) for me but I never flew it cos I went past that stage and he gave it to another cousin.

    I loved Sonic. Saturday mornings on channel 10. Saturday Disney was the bomb as well. Darkwing Dark and the like. I hated Micky and Pluto and all the oldish cartoon characters.

    Humphrey and Barney were so crap as well. They were my mortal enemies when I was a little kid. Only liked Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street too.
    Wow, I just realised how little tv I watched as a kid compared to my cousins.

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