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Thread: Vintage diapers?

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    Default Vintage diapers?

    This is kind of an odd topic to bring up, but I just wanted to ask... Does anyone else here have a burning desire to buy vintage disposable diapers, whether old adult diapers or, as in my case, old baby diapers that are the same kind that you wore? I remember one member here (sorry, I forget who it was or if he's still here) who posted photos of 1990s Pampers which I can remember wearing, and that made me think about this. Anyone else feel this way?

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    Totally! Whenever I'm in an "out of the way...oddball pharmacy or minimart" that doesn't turn over it's stock very often, I always glance at the diaper selection to see if they have anything really old on their shelves. There is a mini mart in my neighborhood that has had the same 2 packages of Luvs from the late 90's early 2000s (plastic backed with barney the dinosaur) size 4 on the shelf... I don't dare buy them because the people in there see me often...but they have been there forever!


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    I have old cloth diapers from my younger year that I use for doubling.When you grow up always wearing them you end up with a pile of extras.

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    I would like to get some real size XL Goodnites. I doubt they would fit much better than the current ones but they don't have odour guard so they feel really warm when you pee.

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    I have a big collection of vintage diapers. some videos on youtube show them.

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    I have seen your site, it is a godsend for those who miss old diapers.

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    I love vintage diapers, I am always trying to find more. I have some pictures in my photo album of some of my collection.

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    lol I visit Ebay at least twice per week to see what they have for sale lol.

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