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Thread: I got my Nuk 5 today!

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    Talking I got my Nuk 5 today!

    I ordered from Pacifiersrus a nuk 5 teat placed on a MaM Glow In The Dark blue shield with a little moon and star on it.

    I have had it in my mouth since I got it! Such a difference in size than baby pacis. For the first real time I felt extremely soothed when I put it in my mouth...because it fits. I felt instantly calmed and happy. When I was a toddler, my mom gave me a Nuk 3 or similar product, and I remember it fitting my mouth back then...and this just kind of takes me back to that, and it's a soothing feeling I can't explain.

    I'm thoroughly surprised in the quality of the product! It fits my mouth perfectly. I had been using Nuk 3 and Dr. Brown's Silicone Pacifiers from 12 months+

    I can't wait to go to sleep with this.

    I suggest this website to anyone who wants their own custom Nuk 5

    PS: They give you a free diaper with your purchase.

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