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    Hey all,

    I have some kind of phycological thing going on when if im wearing a nappy i will wet automatically but when im not wearing i wont wet.

    I havent had a nappy on for about 2 weeks now (purge cycle ) and i decided to put one on tonight.

    I find that i have to keep saying to myself in my head that im not going to wet it and i keep clenching my sphinster muscles together, like, every 10 mins or so.

    I dont know if this is a good or bad thing?

    But worst is that my mum is off work tomorrow and trying to hide a wet nappy will be hard so i dont want to wet it.

    But its hard though cos im back from my purge cycle and i want to wet my nappy and become a baby again but im trying not too.


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    Get some plastic bags to cut down on the smell. A lot of people would love to have your problem.

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    Maybe you can put a little more deodorant, perfume, body lotion, etc. to try and hide the smell. Make sure you're well padded to avoid leaks.

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    Yeah, I keep the wet ones in a green garbage bag that I stow in my closet where no one goes, and I take it out to the trash often to keep odors from building up in my apartment. I live with a roomate and he doesn't know anything about my infantilism and I don't intend on telling him either. It is common courtesy to stay clean and not impose my practices on him. To keep your mum from finding out, stay clean and make sure you have enough bags to put wet diapers in so you can properly dispose of them later, or if you are wearing cloth diapers, keep them in the bags until you can wash them in the laundry.


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    The situation is basically one of conditioning. Urinating is something that our entirely lives, we do only in certain settings- namely in a toilet. Once your body has been trained that it's ok to urinate in something, your grip on it will loosen the moment you put yourself in that situation. Personally, as a guy, I'll find that if I pee standing up, I'll hardly be able to hold it in until I get my pants down if I lift the toilet seat up. You're simply at the point that your body accepts the diaper as being as acceptable a place to pee as the toilet, and reacts accordingly.

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