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Thread: Change to Tranquility ATNs?

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    Default Change to Tranquility ATNs?

    Has Tranquility changed their ATNs? I just got 2 packs and they are definitely thinner than the last ones I had and the plastic is certainly not as robust. They used to be a lot thicker than the Slimlines (for obvious reasons) but now they seem to be about the same. Maybe there is more SAP than before but I don't normally wet them so I can't really compare the absorbency or how much they swell vs the old ones.

    I know that the plastic can vary from batch to batch but it's definitely thinner and softer than before and I've already torn a few while taping up and have had to resort to making a packing tape landing strip. They seem to fit more comfortably and are much easier to conceal but I guess I just don't like when something I love changes. The Slimlines are the same as before and I didn't notice any changes in them, same plastic and thickness.

    This seems to be a trend across all the diaper manufacturers and although I like soft, 'discreet' plastic and a more comfortable fit, I'm not sure I trust thinner. I'm just now getting to the point where I want to start wetting and this is certainly making me a little more apprehensive about it. I think I've already heard that the Bambinos and Abenas have been changed too.

    My wife works tonight so I'll try to get some pictures to compare the ATNs with the Slimlines.

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    I noticed the same thing they are thinner and tear easily

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    You can't go wrong with the Bambinos. Yes they have changed since the last batch I had but only for the better. The plastic is more discreet (quieter) and the landing zone isn't as thick so it doesn't make as much noise. It doesn't effect the strength though. I can trust my Bambinos and they are still in one piece after 8 hours unlike Abenas which break up after they are wet for a while. If you haven't already try some Bambinos.

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    Thanks wildcat, I bought a sample of the Bambinos a couple years ago and I really liked them but I've never bought more because they're just so expensive. I think if I wore diapers more often or at least wet them more then I would probably buy Bambinos because they seemed to hold up really well.

    It's good to know that the changes they made hasn't hurt the overall appeal of them, I hate it when my diapers tear, especially now that I'm just starting to wet. I think it just makes me worry about leaks more than anything.

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