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Thread: Uh-oh... Bad idea

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    Default Uh-oh... Bad idea

    God I'm stupid, I need your help adisc.

    Having tomorrow off school and the house to myself, I decided
    to wear my last Abena to bed tonight so I could stay in it how ever long I wanted and not be affected by family... And I really had to go, I just couldn't hold it in it hurt so bad... So I went poopy. Alot. It's now 2:37am and I have no clue on how I'm gong to sleep with this itchy sticky mess all over my backside. My parents are in the room beside mine and would very possibly wake up if I took a shower, which seems to be the only way out of this mess... (excuse the double meaning) However I could say that "I couldn't get to sleep so I decided maybe a shower would help"

    On the other hand if I manage to sleep the tiniest bit I will no doubt wake up early and have to wait till everyone leaves... around 8:30. And I don't have any rash protection.

    Should I risk it, go to the bathroom, take the abena off, tie it up and hide it somewhere in the bathroom, take a shower, make sure the coast is clear then hide it in my room?

    Maybe Im just paranoid and making a big deal out of it... But that's how us abdls are.

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    ok, i advise going to the loo and just using toilet paper to wipe it off. and put the poo in the toilet. then you can just say that you needed to go in the night. good luck

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    How were you planning of disposing said diaper? Is there a plastic bag of any sort in your room you can tie it up in?

    I think that THE MOST important thing is you don't wear the diaper out of your room. I would slip it off in your room, then sneak into the bathroom and just use scads of toilet paper. If you end up needing to flush twice to get it all down, then so be it. If your parents knock on the bathroom door b/c you flushed three times, just say you aren't feeling well. They probably won't come in to inspect you.

    The big thing is don't try to make it to the bathroom in the diaper. That's too big a risk. If they see you walking to the bathroom, they probably won't notice that you're a mess in the dark, and you can be fast enough they don't get a good look. Just make sure the diaper is well stashed in your room first so they don't smell anything and investigate (which they might if you have to say "i don't feel well"). Then if there isn't a bag in your room to tie it in, try to sneak something back from the bathroom to tie it in. Worst case scenario, sneak back the darkest/ugliest towel in the bathroom, and wrap the diaper up in it. (In a way that poop doesn't touch the diaper). Then get rid of the diaper in the morning and throw the towel in the laundry- wash and dry it before your parents get home again.

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    Wear pants.

    Bring cloths and plastic bath.

    Go to shower.

    Shower change.

    Wrap diaper in plastic bag.

    Wrap in clothing

    Go back to room

    Deposit cloths in hamper.

    Hide Diaper and throw away tomarrow after they leave.

    If they ask on the way just way you do not feel good so you are taking a shower.

    If they ask on the way back just say you were not feeling good.

    I do assume you have a hamper and the shower is not in your mom/dads room with this.


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    I got in there, cleaned up, got back to my room. It's safe and I'll dispose of it tomorrow... However I'm pretty scared because after I returned to my room, I heard someone go into the bathroom. And I just hope I cleaned up enough, because it stinks in there, i know it's a bathroom but still... If someone opens the door to my room and asks " why is there shit all over the bathr-- why does it smell like shit in here??"

    I guess I'll open my window.
    I'll have a shower tomorrow.
    Thanks everyone, not doing that again.

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    Why did you not just take off your diaper and pooping in the toilet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by az86 View Post
    Why did you not just take off your diaper and pooping in the toilet?

    Stupidity is the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EclYpsE View Post
    Stupidity is the answer.
    Sadly, this statement is true for many problems in life.

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    Ah the lessons we learn in life... pooping at night when the house is full of family. Got it?

    Good luck moving forward.


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