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    I know there has beeb a post about the Tena Ultra Stretch diaper but it doesn't compare to the Tena SUper Stretch. I made a reply to a thread regarding this product but nothing was ever said about it.

    This diaper is very comfortable to wear nice thick padding and the fasteners are great. Its very stretchable kinda like the Pampers. I have been wearing this diapers 24/7 for almost a year now and i absolutely love it! I havent had but a few leaks from massive wettings it doesnt fall apart and because of the stretchy tapes it stays in place and moves with you. For being a clothlike diaper it sure is noisy too.

    You can get samples on this website. I recommend it for everyone! Have any other Incons wore this diaper? What did you think? Any feedback?

    OrderTENA Direct Home Page

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    Have tried a few of the Ultra stretch and they were great, loved the huge single fasteners, can only imagine the super's are that much better.

    I was always in between the med and large Tena's and could never get a good fit out of either one so kinda strayed away from them.

    The Ultra stretches i tried fit perfect and the Supers are at the top of my list, just have not found the Supers in stock around my area.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Thanks for the link. Those look like pretty good diapers.

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    I always had trouble getting a perfect fit with them, but the regular tena supers fit me perfectly. They were pretty good for daytime wear though since they can take a good flood and are very discrete.

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    I'm not a big fan of the Tena Stretch. They're either too loose, or if you pull them too tight the elastic band rips off the side.

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    I'm too small I got some and they are HUGE on me! I used to wear tena mediums, but they made their sizes bigger, and now I only really fit the smalls. I can wear a medium normal brief, but it's a little big on me, but works, but the stretchy ones just fall down if I don't like overlap them They need to make a small size!

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    I've always thought Tena makes a pretty good product. I'll try too buy some. Thanks

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    I thought I had already responded to this topic!?


    Thanks very much, for providing this link! I had serious reservations about purchasing a 'case' online, but am VERY happy that I did so!
    I love the single tabs on either side (SO much easier to work with, than the two or three that is commonwith other brands/styles!).
    They're a bit loose around the legs, even with a snug waist, but I've discovered adding a booster pad usually takes care of any problem.
    They've comfortable, though a bit, um, 'baggy' in the butt for everyday (aka 'Social outings'), unless I'm wearing my really loose jeans!
    I'm not sure what to make of the 'Industrial Green' colouring, but hell, it's hidden beneath my clothing, so what the heck!

    My only (slight) negative comment has to be that they tend to leak (without extra padding, and then, even with, depending).

    But, I'm making these one of my staple brands/styles, because they work so well in every other way.

    Thanks again for suggesting/sharing this product.


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