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Thread: I forgot what I was going to say (or write)

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    Default I forgot what I was going to say (or write)

    By the end of the day, I always think of many things I could write about in the forums. Not just ADISC, but other forums as well, but when the next day comes, I log in aaaand... then I forgot what I wanted to write, only to remember it when I go to sleep.

    And so on...

    Anyone experienced something similar or is it just me?

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    It's not just you.
    I'm certain this happens with almost anyone and everyone. Heck, it happens with me almost 24/7.

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    Yeah, it's weird. I can remember the life of a star, but what I wanted to write just disappear from my head. *Poff* just like that.

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    Happens to me all the time. That, and I always spot things I want to google when there's no computer around, so I write it all down then do it when I get home.

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