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Thread: [Sticky] Baby Diaper Sizes

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    Lightbulb [Sticky] Baby Diaper Sizes

    It has come to my attention that there are NUMEROUS threads that are simply the following question, over & over again:

    Will baby diaper ______ fit a _____ size waist?

    I suggest we make a sticky thread that has all of the commercially produced diapers, and the sizes they can realistically fit. One concern is hip size, another is genitalia, males will have a harder time fitting into a diaper designed for a 2 year old.

    Post your replies in the following format:
    I have a __" waist
    My hips are __" (optional)
    and I am a ____(male/female).
    I have been able to fit into:
    Diaper Brand / Size - How good was the fit? How long did the tapes last?

    For example:
    I have a 29" waist, my hips are about 32" and I am a male. I have been able to fit into:
    Pampers Cruisers Size 7 - Ok fit, tapes had to be reinforced with velcro.
    Luvs Size 6 - Tight fit, again needs tape reinforcement for long wear.
    United Colors of Benetton Sz 6 - Fit Great! Tapes hold strong for extended wear.

    Bottom Line:
    Every baby diaper is just that, a diaper designed to fit a baby that has a waist of about 20" and a body weight of 35 pounds. Any time you want to know if you can squeeze into a baby diaper, drop the $15 and TRY THEM ON! Share your experience here

    -End Rant-

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    I agree, i'm tired of seeing the same stuff over and over.

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    Well, every question has been asked over and over again...Without questions we have no forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabzas331 View Post
    i agree with metalman
    Ahhh my friend from nice to see ya here. Did you have a chance to make an introduction? If not do so when you get a chance!!!remember to include non abdl related information about yourself....

    And also note sticky threads are a neccesary process especially for larger forums like to keep it uncluttered. It does get frustrating to see some of the same questions all over again....while realizing there are also plenty of new origonal questions, sticky threads allow for the most commonly started threads to be clearly labeled and so easy to find. They are placed at the top so some one doesn't post the same question....sometimes a similar question will be posted but a new variation of some seems to me that on that is okay....

    Glad to see you here my friend!!!

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    I voted no. Not because I think this shouldn't be stickied (in fact, I think it should). I just appreciate the passive-aggresiveness.

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    here ill give it a go
    this is for all who asked if size 6 diapers will fit
    I have a 24-28" waist
    and I am a (prefered to keep secret)
    I have been able to fit into:
    Size 6 Pampers
    Diaper Brand / Size - How good was the fit? How long did the tapes last?
    Perfect Fit. Tapes Lasted as Long As I Wore It(16 Hours)
    and excellent Absorbancy if ur wondering

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    How do you have a 24-28" waist? That's a significant difference...

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    I agree with Zephiel. If we do this, measurements will have to be to +/- 2 inches (or +/- 5 centimeters ).
    I like the idea of stickying and having a form. If we just forbid people to ask this question, they'll probably ask it anyway. Also, having people re-answer the same/similar questions is inefficient.
    One question, would Pullups(and similar diapers) be included?
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