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    I get these great plastic pants on Ebay from a seller named yu-yun. The pants come with a tag that says 'AMASS'. They have great fit and texture, but the side seams come apart if you wear them every day.

    Well I've discovered that a little vinyl adhesive does a great job repairing vinyl seams that have separated. Even better, I've discovered that applying the same vinyl adhesive to the seams of a new pair of plastic pants prevents the seam from separating. I'm psyched because I love these pants except for the fact that they tend to come apart at the seams. A little vinyl adhesive to re-enforce the seams has increased their usable lifespan tenfold.

    Hope you all find this useful ! ! !

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    Hey there Puffy Bottom,
    exactly what vinyl adhesive are you talking about?
    Do you have a brand name or suggested source?

    I had ordered two pair from them, expecting them any day now, and if there is a way to extend their life span, I would certainly try it!



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    The vinyl adhesive I used is actually a tube that came with a water bed mattress repair kit. There is no brand name, it just says 'Vinyl Repair Adhesive'. The active ingredient is 'methylethylketone' if that helps. I'd imagine any vinyl adhesive that you might find at a hardware store would work. I'd look for the active ingredient on the label.

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