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Thread: runescape dl/ab clan

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    Default runescape dl/ab clan

    i am making a runescape clan
    wondering whi would be interested
    Also need a name for the clan
    my name is Noodle23
    I'm a mem
    contact me

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    This Clan Is Also For Free Members So DOnt Be Afraid To Join
    I Will Make It So You Need A Rank
    So tell me u want to join b4 u enter

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    Isn't there already a clan for the site?

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    Yes But THey Dont seem to respond
    SO If Its A DEad clan
    Ill be Happy tO START IT AGAIN

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    Or if they still are going
    ill make my clan especially for
    u teen DLs
    since im one myself
    please join
    would like to have more Teen DL Friends on Runescape

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    lols is right
    but any DL Teens Please Join

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    to enter clan but u got to pm for a rank to enter
    made sure only true dls/abs and tbs enter

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    join up if you play runescape were fun and you know you have nothing else to do while playing runescape

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    Yeah it's a great MMO to talk have fun and kill stuff and then you can join us.

    Almost 99 hunter!

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    yeah dont be afraid your rs friends will find out
    whatever happens in the cc stays in the clan
    JOin Now

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    I will definetly join when i get back on RS. My name is ME B AWESOM. I'll PM you for a rank. This seems like a great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post
    Runescape is lols
    This! I tried it back when it was 2d and it looked stupid the 3d looks even stupider I'll stick to WoW and eventually the Old Republic.

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