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    Hey everyone.

    I joined just today after checking out this site, and it's really nice. I wish i found it earlier.

    I guess we're supposed to write about ourselves, so here it goes: I'm an 18 year old from British Columbia, Canada. I've been into diapers for around ~11 years and I've been into full AB practices for about 7 years. It's just great, and I've learned alot of stuff about who I am and what it's like. (I currently have a blog on it, lol) I take advantage of whatever time I have to myself; right now, I'm sucking on a red, blue and yellow paci (though the dang nipple isn't big enough, lol!).

    I look forward to reading more about you guys!

    Thanks to meet you!

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    but before anyone else says it, what do you do for fun? walk ride swim fly? paintball shoot, arch swordfight listen to/make music?

    any of the above?

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