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Thread: Intro from a little tanuki

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    Default Intro from a little tanuki

    Hi everyone! I don't think I made my intro yet...

    I'm Aki! I'm a little/baby fur, and a general little kid at heart. I'm a college student working on my second degree in art, and work part time at a restaurant. I have a daddy, which is new for me, and he is helping me a lot in the ways of accepting myself and allowing me to be open and happy.

    I have lurked here pre-registration, and figured I might as well join since I like communities like this, and meeting people with similar lifestyles or interests.

    Little wise, I flux between what seems to be like 5-8ish, I do not wear diapers (though I've never tried so I definitely won't say I never will or won't try it.) I like to cuddle and play games, and draw, the normal sort of stuff. I'm actually little mostly because of DID/MPD reasons, so none of it is sexual/fetish for me, it's just an aspect of my identity that is working it's way out sort of like a form of therapy.

    If any one wants to chat or ask anything, feel free to drop me a line!

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    Welcome to the community man! Hope you enjoy it!

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    Nice to see another artist around ^^ Nice intro, too! Stop by the IRC one of these days, I'm sure you'd fit in well. x3

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    yay a Tanuki... DID/MPD?oh dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder...

    Anyway, to welcome new Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) here's a song:

    YouTube - AC/DC - Big Balls

    oh - second degree in art?

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    Welcome! I hope you like the place! You're working on a second degree in art? Does that mean you used those skills to make your cute avatar? And if you're working on a second degree, what was the first one?

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    Hello and welcome! I appreciate your openness. I have Bi-Polar II and it has complicated things considerably, but that's another story. I've known others with DID and it has been difficult at times for them. I hope you are doing well. I thought I'd send a post to be friendly.


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    Always love to find another artist in the community. Hope to see you around. You will have to let me know what your poison is, ex. Mine is Ceramic and Fiber with minor E Media......

    Hope you have a great time here.

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