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Thread: Repo: The Genetic Opera

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    Default Repo: The Genetic Opera

    Highly recommended. I can see why a lot of people think that the Jude Law film ripped this off, but it's really a completely different story.

    YouTube - Repo! the Genetic Opera - Theatrical Trailer

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    Need to see this. Heard many good reviews, just haven't got around to it.

    (8)And the zydrate gun goes somewhere against you anatomy (:<

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    I didn't really like it but there were a few moments that really wowed me in terms of gore

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazybunny13 View Post
    I didn't really like it but there were a few moments that really wowed me in terms of gore
    I had to look away for the goriest parts.

    Nathan playing the body like a puppet after gutting him during Thankless Job, for example.

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    I didn't care for it too much. The music just wasn't very appealing for the most part. I don't think it's so much that I don't like the musical style so much as I didn't feel like the songs flowed very well as songs.

    I'd say Sweeney Todd was much better as far as gore/murder musicals go.

    There were some really cool visuals... like Mag's eyes. But it's not something I'd go out of my way to watch again.

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    I seen it before and I didn't really like most of the songs that much.. the story however was pretty good. The only songs I really liked are these.

    YouTube - Repo! The Genetic Opera - 8. "Zydrate Anatomy"

    YouTube - repo! the genetic opera - Legal assassin

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