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Thread: What is Your Heritage/Race?

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    Default What is Your Heritage/Race?

    What the title says.

    Well me.

    I'm a Caucasian. And I'm French/German decent. And I am also Cajun.

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    I'm a whitey! Caucasian, if I must say. Scottish, British and German decent. I'm also a red (head, that is).

    EDIT: Oh, and it's 'heritage' btw. Just thought I should bring that up. Perhaps this could use a poll too .

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    ...thatsgreek for all you philistines :P

    4 grandparents, all migrants fom greece. had thosewho are my parents, in ustralia.

    greek greek and proud of it but i sill know im aussieand wouldn live anywhere else.

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    I am mostly of Normandy (French) decent. I know for a fact that one of my great grandfather was native, tough. And I probably have some Irish decent too, since French Canadians and Irish Canadians had a tendency to marry each other due to sharing the same religion.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I am a spirit-entity that took over this male, Caucasian body in 1982. It is of Irish descent.

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    'Me' heritage is:

    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post

    CherokeeIroquois indian

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