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Thread: Luvs Diapers

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    Default Luvs Diapers

    Ive been hearing things about luv diapers
    and how they fit better than huggies and
    pampers.Is that true?

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    is this true people
    and how many of u can fit
    into a Luvs Diaper perfectly?

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    i would like to hear anything u got say about Luvs diapers if u have worn
    them b4

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    um Luvs are ok on absorbency and leak protection, but fitting better then pampers I dont think so. if I remember correctly luvs only comes in size 5 as the highest

    I cant fit into a luvs diaper just fine but thats cause I weigh like 90 some odd pounds, I didnt use very many luvs though had a few samples and they were good but didnt catch my interest for some reason.

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    well i fit perfectly into a size 6 pampers
    would i fit into a size 5 luvs?

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    Luvs certainly has a size 6.

    The review is that My Aunt always used Luvs on her kids and stuck with them...

    I've lived with them for about a year and helped with the chore of changing diapers. I hardly ever seen a Luvs leak if at all when there's a baby inside of them.

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    hmmm idk but would they fit me better or worse than pampers

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    Baby Diaper.

    Youth diaper

    Adult Diaper

    Take a guess at which is the most likely to fit.

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    Here's a Pampers and a Luvs placed side-by-side. You judge them yourself.

    However, I've heard from our good friend Powderhair that Target's Up and Up diapers (size 6) are bigger than a Pampers size 7.

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    thanks for that
    maybe ill try the up and up diapers
    but to me the Luv looks bigger
    by a little though

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    Go for what you think is best?

    And why do you always edit on more?

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