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    Evening, all,

    You can call me Kristopher. I'm 29 and have been a DL for as long as I can remember. I'm currently coming off of a several year-long purge cycle and am trying to find the best way to start back up. Since I'd left, Bambino has made a huge splash, so I'm really eager to try those out. I also now am blessed with a washer/dryer right in my room, so if I wanted to wear cloth all the time, it would be no problem!

    Pleased to meet you all, and thank you for building such a warm and welcoming community.

    Oh yeah... some additional stuff about me: (can you edit posts? I couldn't find a way)

    I'm what you'd probably consider a terminal geek. I'm a network engineer, build my own computers (and love to troubleshoot them) - I also love console RPGs (Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest) and of course play World of Warcraft.

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    Welcome to ADISC Kristopher. About 15 years ago I did an Dip in IT and some Netware. Today I am glad that I am out of it and helping train people in the metal trades. Hope you enjoy your time here, you terminal geek you.

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    My goodness, until you got to the network engineering part you sounded like a high school teacher of mine (who went by his middle name Kristopher). But you're cooler, because you're another terminal geek! ^_^ 'Bout time we had more command line evangelists here on ADISC. We do have an IRC channel and Linux user group, either or both of which you may join at your leisure.

    *reads the rest of Kris's post*
    Fuck WoW.

    Welcome to ADISC regardless.


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    Cool, nice to see another networker/computer fixer. Any particular part of area of networking you favor?

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    yay another computer geek

    what kind of network systems specifially do you like
    also your awesome cuz your another terminal geek

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    *stares down the Penguin avatar reluctantly*

    I'm actually a huge fan of Windows Server environments. Most of my clients where I work are using some form of Small Business Server (vastly varying builds; some are on 2003, but some are on the latest version.)

    *takes another look at the penguin and runs!*

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