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Thread: Your Bacon: Crispy or Chewy

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    Default Your Bacon: Crispy or Chewy

    I'm a chewy bacon fan. I find the texture and overall flavor better.

    What about you?

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    It's BACON, who gives a rat's ass over what it feels like!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaachanTheWench View Post
    It's BACON, who gives a rat's ass over what it feels like!?!?
    For one, I find crispy bacon to be more peppery, more than my liking. It just tastes better when it's chewy IMO.

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    Pure crispy has no taste, and fatty-chewy is kind of gross =/ It has to be somewhere in the middle or it is bad bacon. HOWEVER sausage will always beat out bacon, rendering this poll pointless. Yeah, I went there.

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    Crispy all the way!
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    A little of both is perfect for me. When too crispy it's like chips, and when too chewy I have the impression to eat slices of fat, bleh. >_<

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