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Thread: Runescape Players

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    Default Runescape Players

    Anyone here play runescape
    Just Wondering
    since i havent met any teen DLs
    on Runescape ever

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    I played a while ago, and I was pretty good. My combat wasn't anything amazing compared to the other people that were around me, but my smithing level was what was worth bragging about. I got it up to 90 before I stopped playing. When I wanted to stop playing, I knew I wasn't going to be able to because I was addicted, so I made myself frustrated by basically going suicide with a few mill worth of gear. I fought mithril dragons for the first time without looking up to see what they could do. Turns out they can cast magic, so they killed me pretty fast since I was using protection from mele. Well, I died and never played it again.

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    Awww, I'd love to form a little group like this. <33
    Sadly, I don't play Runescape. You guys have fun, okay?

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    Oh I used to play RuneScape I quit though. I think I was about level 115, and my total lvl was like 1800 something. If you still play add my username its Snaekie.

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    OOh! I do! getting 99 hunter this week!

    Pm me for screenname if you want. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetkiss View Post
    Awww, I'd love to form a little group like this. <33
    WTB cross-realm play in WOW.

    Unfortunately, I quit runescape at level 8 maybe six years ago after losing all of my equipment from a single death.

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    Yeah, I just got members again recently. Name right now is Zat1st, but it's originally Krillen 1555

    add me, I'm usually on every day.

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    I got up to level 86 years ago and started doing the calculations for how long it would take to get to the next level in skills to do the quests. Realized that it would take literally days of mindless clicking to go much further. Gave the account to a cousin and have only logged on a few times in the last five years to see what he did with it. Somehow the Santa Hat and Green Mask went away.

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