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  • Coca Cola.

    32 44.44%
  • Pepsi.

    16 22.22%
  • Both as great.

    14 19.44%
  • Neither

    10 13.89%
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Thread: Fizzy Wars

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    Default Fizzy Wars

    Coca Cola Vs Pepsi.

    A little vote to the Gods off the Soft Drinks. What ish so great about them?

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    Ewww, I hate fizzy juice!*

    *Juice, meaning soft drinks, in Scotland

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    I like Coke the best!

    It tastes nice and keeps me awake during times of boredom!

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    Coke, Pepsi isn't as nice. Doesn't have as much of a flavour, Cherry Coke is the best of all.

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    I have to go with coke. Never liked the taste of pepsi much.

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    Dr Pepper didn't make it on the list, therefore this survey is incomplete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaachanTheWench View Post
    Dr Pepper didn't make it on the list, therefore this survey is incomplete.
    Quoted for absolute truth.

    Why is it that the best sodas (Dr. Pepper, Grape, Cream, etc) are never sold anywhere? =/

    Anyways, Pepsi does edge out Coke.

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