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    Hello everyone, i've noticed to continue using these forums i need to post a intro so here we go. I've liked nappies for as long as as i can remember. I guess considering myself as a somewhat active TB from time to time would be it. My other likes for babyish antics/ behaviors and items followed on from that. My first Nappy experience i can remember was when i was 6. I was at a babysitter's house and my brother and i had to stay over the night. She did not trust if we would wet the bed or not so she put us in a nappy. While being babysat i had a few opportunities to see nappies especially when i found a cupboard full of them. I would like to see how they felt and they were so soft. Once i was caught by my babysitter's husband who asked me if i wanted to be put in one to which i said no but if i had a second chance i may of said yes. I once was going to take a nappy home that i had snuck into my jumper but coward out at the last minute. Later in my life when i was about 8 i remember my brother was having bladder problems to which my babysitter gave my mum some pull-ups to use. He never used them but i snuck them into my room and would put them on. They were so comfy that i used to pee in them. Once when i was in the lounge room my mum pulled out the used pull-ups from my room and asked if they were mine. I lied and said i had never seen them so my mum threw them in the trash and never brought up the topic again, although she probably knew anyway. Later in my life when i was 12 was the first time i bought my own pack of nappies. I got some and put them in my bag and then rode on my bike to the public toilet. as soon as i got in there i opened my bag and sat there just looking at the case and taking it all in. Then i opened it and started to fell the nappy. It was really soft i tried to put it on but it was to small. I masturbated in it and then threw the pack of nappies out in fear and disgrace. The first person i told about my "fetish" was my mum. It was late at night and we had some nappies in the office because our dog became a paraplegic after she got hit with a car and couldn't control her bowels although luckily now she has nearly fully recovered besides a sight limp. I went to get one when my my mum woke up and asked what i was doing. At that point i decided to tell someone about my fetish hoping for her to put me in a nappy. At first she thought i of had bed wetting problems, but then she said no to putting a nappy on me. She was a little weired out and said maybe i should get counselling as she saw this a problem. At least she didn't reject it and was somewhat accepting and even let me wear one in the lounge in front of her. My brother once caught me in a nappy because he said he was supposed to be back at 9 but came back at 8. That is pretty much my story on how i came to this "fetish". I would love to find a girlfriend that would be accepting and hopefully willing to partake i said fetish. I would prefer a relationship where we get to take roles of Mummy/Daddy and Baby so that i can experience both sides as i like to wear nappies and what not but would love to see a real girl in a nappy, possibly pee soaked if i'm lucky or even soiled but that could be pushing it. Thanks for reading my post and hope you find what your looking for.

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    A little hard to read what you wrote. Would look better with line breaks. But welcome to the forum

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    Learn to separate your wall of text into separate paragraphs. Irritating to read.

    Also... You come off as a bit creepy. Wanting your mom to change you... ugh. You might want to edit this a bit. Why not tell us stuff about yourself, like music, tv, games, other things?

    So yeah. Welcome to ADISC and please keep your masturbation stories to yourself.

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    Welcome! I'm Scritcher! Enjoy yourself here!

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    Hello from a fellow south aussie ! Sounds like you've had some interesting diaper experiences. I know the frustration of having nappies around you as a kid but being too scared of getting caught.

    On a serious note; you should include some general information about yourself in your intro. Just stuff like interests, hobbies fave music, games, tv shows etc. It allows people with similar interests to connect with you. Also, as has been stated already, you should start a new paragraph every few sentences or so .

    So finally, welcome to ADISC! I hope to see you get involved with the forums!

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