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Thread: Last person in America to see Avatar

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    Default Last person in America to see Avatar

    As the title suggests -- that's me. I just watched the DVD last night. What can I say?
    Plot was a little predictable, but what an amazing world. I would imagine the furries in this forum loved it. Wouldn't it be cool to have a toddler or baby avatar to transform into?

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    I still have not seen it, I also own copy

    Edited to add this:
    I have now seen the movie. The graphics are Amazing, the story not as amazing, but good.
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    Haven't seen it yet, don't really plan on it. If a lot of people like it, I tend not to, and vice versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    I still have not seen it, I also own copy
    This. ^

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    i still havent seen it either.... and i work at a dvd rental store :P

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    I enjoy James Cameron's work, and I wanted to see Avatar sooner, but I finally saw it Tuesday night at a dollar theater. Yes, the plot was predictable, but the world of Pandora is so beautiful! However, I was not disappointed by Avatar, and still give it the max 5/5 stars. As for having a toddler or baby Na'vi Avatar to control, the way I understood it is that the avatar and the controller have to be of similar age to make sure it works correctly. With enough tweeking to the system, it could be possible to manipulate a younger Avatar body, though it probably would not be cost-effective, because they would need fully matured bodies to ensure the success of the program and the "mission." Also with the exception of Jake, from what I could tell, the Avatar program participants seemed to be scientists or researchers in one field or another. So you probably wouldn't have a chance at being accepted into the program unless you were an established leader in your field. I usually tend not to over-analyze films like this, but with Avatar, I think it is best to leave it like it is.

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    Avatar... the Pocahontas remake shaded nicely in blue. Had the soundtrack going in my head as I saw it. From an animation standpoint it was an amazing movie. But as pretty images only go so far for me, the rest was just painful to watch. I thought the whole avatar project was a little... under emphasized. I also wish the 'enemy general' had more of a cruel role from the beginning. Otherwise, he seems like a dog that was poked and turned into a rabid beast. Unusual really.

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    I still haven't seen Avatar yet.. Really. I just don't go to movies often.


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