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Thread: How do people get so flexible?

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    Default How do people get so flexible?

    I know a bunch of people who are flexible enough to bend their knees such that their thighs are parallel with their calves. That strikes me as awesome and I'd like to be able to do it, but the most I can do using my knees alone is about thirty degrees.

    Anyone know anything about this?

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    Practice. You have to elasticize the muscles in your body. Every time you stretch it you will become slightly stretchier than before (not enough to notice) and if you do it often enough you'll start to be able to do stuff you couldn't before.


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    Some people are just naturally flexible. For example, I've been able to put my ankles behind my head for as long as I can remember. I never had to stretch out any muscles to do this, I just had the ability. With regards to becoming that flexible yourself, just do what Zeph said and practice but I warn you, stretching out your muscles to increase your flexibility is a painful process.

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    Oh yeah. There is slight chance of gaining super stretchiness by cosmic radiation.

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    Practice. And low muscle mass so that thighs and calves don't get in the way.

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    You could always just break you bones.. dislocate your joints.. etc.

    (damn I need to go to bed... my posts are getting more and more cynical and sarcastic. :< )

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    Well yeah anyone can do it, but the proper term would be 'training' instead of 'practicing'. I could do that when I was 220lbs; I was also one of the fastest defensive linemen in my high school league. Really, you just have to do squats. Do speed squats, and then do flexibility squats where you just squat down as far as you can for thirty seconds or so AT LEAST once a day and every day. The other key is to make sure YOU KEEP YOUR HEELS ON THE FLOOR. Leaning on your toes will not help. This is just small thing you should be doing within a long and diverse workout. Other flexibility techniques need to be done, as well as cardio, speed and strength training. Just get yourself on a good workout plan and amazing flexibility will develop regardless if that is your goal or not.

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    I'm totally unflexible. I can't even touch the ground with my fingertips when I don't bend my knees. My P.E. teacher would always yell at me for not doing the warm-up and stretching exercises right.

    But then, humans aren't sponges - we're not meant to be bend every which way!

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    Being an athlete is the easiest way to be flexible, the best being an athlete who does multiple sports. People who do triathlons are extremely flexible because they've got to stretch before working out, move their arms and legs every which way while swimming, running, and biking, and then stretch again after they're finished. Also, your basic flexibility has a lot to do with your joints, and your height, the two usually going hand-in-hand.

    Anyone can be flexible, but take it slowly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaliborio View Post
    I know a bunch of people who are flexible enough to bend their knees such that their thighs are parallel with their calves.
    You need to be flexible to do that? I think I'm picturing it wrong.

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