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Thread: UK Babyfur meets

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    Default UK Babyfur meets

    is there or has there ever been a babyfur meet organized? i've searched as best i'm able and i can find references to cub rooms at cons and such, but no actual meets.

    personally i think it would be really nice to meet up with like minded people and cub out a little, but i'm not sure what other babyfurs think.

    thoughts? opinions?

    we've created a yahoo group and a livejournal community, please come and join if you're interested

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    I'm not sure if advertising a Yahoo group and a Livejournal thing is the best to do on here...

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    This isn't the place to come and just advertise...So I hope you do things other than this...You can add those links to the link section if you want though

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    I've reopened this thread to add a few notes:

    Magicstar has been on the old forum, so he didn't just "come here to advertise". Granted, it may seem weird to just pop in here and post links and suggest meeting up, but since I and a few other long-standing members of the old forum know him (personally), we don't have to be as careful as we would be with normal members.
    Plus this is the babyfur forum, so I guess this discussion does belong here.
    And there have to be furry meets in the UK - I've heard of some! So it may be wise to check the links provided for information.

    Of course our usual advice still stands that everyone should be careful who they meet up with and which meets / cons etc they go to. There are creepy people everywhere.


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    well i probs wouldn't say no to a babyfur meetup. But i do a lot of travelling in the holidays so finding time would be hard

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    I would quite like to go to a babyfur meet, if anyone was in or around the bristol area i would be happy to try and orginise one

    I have a few friends who go to the bristol furmeets, they are pretty interesting apparently....


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    well depending on when and where I would go if I was able to but no promise

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