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Thread: With summer comes change.

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    Default With summer comes change.

    Well its summer time. Minus the few morning when its only 30 above. But Me an my bother in law. Bought some roller blades. An decided to hit a small tared bike trail near are house. Its about 3 miles 1 way before the tar cuts off. So far today was are first go at it. An we did it two times so a nice 12 miles. An we plain on doing it ever day we can all summer. An also hitting some of the long trails that are +20 miles an tared.

    Any one else making life style change's with it being summer an all.

    Oh also we are doing this trying to loss weight so far I have lost about 10 pounds, just form eating better. Hoping more with this at 213.8 pounds right now I really wanna be under 200 again.

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    Riding my bike with one of my friends and going around the area.

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    Default was you and your brother in law who ran me off my bikie!!! Actually, if you have over 20 miles of paved trail, that's one nice trail. We've got a nice one here, just not as long, though I can go into another county on it, and through a rock railroad tunnel, not to mention crossing the historic James River.

    Anyway, before I digress into another universe, yes, I will be biking my ass off this summer. My son bought a new mountain bike and we are going out this Sunday. Keep those wheels a spinnin', Siege!

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    We have a TON of paved trails around here. Allot of them are for biking during the summers, an snowmobiling in the winter.

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