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    I have always followed the code that any AB/DL activity between adults and minors is wrong. I started talking to to someone who said he was 18, but I later found out he is 17. I am not interested in any sort of baby play with this person, but he has asked if I can help him get some diapers, he doesn't have a car, and doesn't want anything delivered to his house. Is it ok to email this person and maybe help him get some decent diapers or is it still a violation of decency? I am 42 he is 17 no sex, no baby play just friendship. The age of consent in the state I live is 16, but I am not sure what that means with the differences in our ages. Does non sexual AB/DL talk constitute a sexual act? He seems like a nice guy and I want to be able to help him out but still have some some concerns that I could get in trouble for even talking to him before he turns 18. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

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    If he is above 16 than you COULD legally have sex with him in your state, so nothing is illegal about it. That's why they HAVE an age of consent. Also, if the talk isn't sexual then it isn't illegal.

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    If you're really concerned about this, the best option is to not even go there in the first place. You are fortunate enough to realize what was going on early on, something many people are too ignorant to do; which is why they get in trouble. If you don't like the situation, back out now.

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    Legally it's fine.
    The age of consent over here is 16 too, and if I felt comfortable otherwise, I'd go ahead. You two could legally have sex, so anything innocent that could be possibly misunderstood wouldn't be much of a problem, legally speaking.

    If you feel uncomfortable though, I would leave it. If the boy's parents found out, would you be able to explain yourself?
    It might not be a legal issue, but if I was in your shoes I'd probably wait until he turned 18 (or maybe not do anything at all considering the age difference).

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    Non-sexual contact is entirely legal.

    Sexual consent among minors has so many weird eccentricities in the US that one is better off not risking it with anyone below the age of 18, even if the age of consent is lower in your state.

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    Find out for sure if the age of consent is 16 for all activities not just penis in vagina sex. Then you can meet without the fear of legal repercussions or blackmail.

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    If in doubt then don't do it, better to be safe than sorry. Although does sound like there is no legal issue here, just don't let him blackmail you into doing things for him. Only do something you feel comfortable with.

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    Several have already said it, if there is any doubt don't do it. I am sorta confused that a 17yr male isn't resourceful enough to find ways to get out of the house and buy things for himself. When I was 10, I was able to ride around the neighbor hood on my bike or walk and there were plenty of different stores I was going in and getting things.

    I also have to ask myself if he wasn't truthful about being 18, is 17 really his age?
    For me, there are to many red flags that the only thing I would continue is safe talk.

    We can only give you our humble opinion, now it's up to you what you want to do with it.

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    you are 42 and he's 17?! CREEPY!!!!

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    I have to say that i wouldn't just because a 17yo should be able to get diapers it just doesn't seem to add up to me.

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