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Thread: What is this song called.

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    Default What is this song called.

    I was waiting to have an ultrasound test yesterday morning and in the waiting room I heard a song being played on the radio. From memory, some of the chorous or lyrics were "our love our love, the history (or story) of our love will never be (told) known. I have googled it and nothing has come up that matches what i heard.

    It opened with a bar from something that sounded to me like the 5th Of Beethoven, (DaDa Da Daaa) then it had solid drum beat but it was not rap.I would say more dance.

    If someone knows the song or artist I would be bloody happy as I have i stuck in my head playing over and over.

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    Hmmmm, if you knew the tune of the song, you can check this site out. If you can hum a tune, you can find any song through this website.

    Search for Music using your voice by Singing or Humming

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    It wasn't "Endless Love" was it? That was from back in the Disco days.

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    The song starts with a similiar bass beat to Hands Up For Detroit. I guess it is in that genre of music.

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